To the family of Mountainview Church:

After much prayer and conversation, the session has agreed to allow the church to reopen Sunday mornings starting June 7, 2020. This decision was in part driven to honour the desire for many in our church to attend a ‘live’ worship service.

Obviously the pandemic has changed everything in our lives and sadly it will change the way we worship together.

First, I must say clearly that our online worship will continue unhindered. If you have any health concerns or simply do not feel comfortable engaging in communal worship, feel free to stay at home and continue to be part of our family through the online presence.

If you do feel like you would like to come back the practical preventative measures in the church will be very similar to what we are seeing in the marketplace.

  1. We will ask family units to sit a minimum of 6 feet away from each other.
  2. We will enter the sanctuary by family unit 6 feet apart...there will be tape in the hallway highlighting the distance.
  3. We encourage the wearing of masks and hope to have some provided.
  4. Unfortunately, the science has shown that singing out loud, as we have in worship traditionally, is actually worse for the transmission of this virus than even coughing. With this being said we invite people to listen to the worship, sing or hum quietly to themselves during this time. We will not be standing up and singing until such time as the threat has passed.
  5. The service will be exactly as it has been on-line with the purpose of as little physical contact between the leaders as possible.
  6. There will be no ‘greeting time’ or ‘passing of the peace’ also we would ask that people leave the building right after the service.
  7. If you wish to fellowship outside after the service we ask you to observe social distance.
  8. We invite the children to sit with their parents through the service. Child packs will be made available for entertainment and we will have a children’s story involved, but the children will stay with their parents during said time.
  9. Following provincial guidelines, we can only meet up to 50 people, but as the elders have surveyed, it appears that will not be an issue as we have far fewer than that stating they will attend right away.
  10. The offering plates will be available in the back of the sanctuary but will not be passed around for various reasons.
  11. Our social network team has done a fantastic job of creating an online bulletin and it will be
    made available on the webpage/Facebook/Instagram pages.

We will have hand sanitizer made available upon entering the sanctuary and ask that everyone use it.

Janitorial service will clean and disinfect between services

The church for the rest of the week will be closed outside of Thrive’s use and the junior youth.

We thank you for your patience through this time. This is new to all of us and we are erring on the side of caution for the protection of our worship family.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your elder.
In Christ, 
Emery Cawsey