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Session Update — August 14, 2023

Among the matters that your Session has been concerned with, these stand out as highlights of our recent Session meeting:

Mountainview and Session miss Martha Racchi. She gave careful, wise guidance among us. Her organization gifts and work ethic set an example for all of us. Her courage and never-quit spirit will continue to be an example and an inspiration for us all.

We are now looking for someone to fill the role of Roll Clerk, which position Martha faithfully served. (If you know of a meticulous and fastidious person willing to look after this important position, please let an elder know. This person does not have to be a member of Session.)

The congregation has now elected two new elders—Jin Choi and Laura Benty. They await their ordination (coming in September) and will join our Session.

Mountainview is excited to host Dr. Iain Provan for a weekend conference in mid-October, titled “Cuckoos In Our Nest.” Dr. Provan’s new book (with the same title) is available from the church office for $26/copy. See Karen Bohn, who is looking after office duties this summer on Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm. 

Eva Chan has found full-time employment and has had to resign from her part-time duties as the Office Administrator and Communications Coordinator. We are actively seeking someone for these positions.

Emery is on holiday and will not be assuming pulpit duties again until September 10. In his absence, we will happily host four guest preachers:

August 13             Todd Statham

August 20            Ginger Goma

August 27             Jim Statham

September 3        Ross Bassingthwaighte