Notes From The Session- January 2021

With the continued closure into 2021 of our church to public worship and gatherings, I wanted to provide some information on behalf of the Session:

1.       2021 Offering Envelopes

          If you used offering envelopes in 2020, your 2021 envelopes have been placed in your mail slot at the church. You can retrieve them on Monday or Tuesday mornings when the church office is open. Alternatively, you might consider signing up for the pre-authorized monthly remittance program by emailing or by talking with Joan Bentley at the church office.

2.       Church Annual Meeting

          Session has decided to defer the annual meeting until we are cleared by public health to gather once more. We did consider holding the annual meeting virtually on Zoom, but concluded that too many of our members would not be able to fully participate if we did so. Session has approved the 2021 church Budget, and it will be presented at the annual meeting whenever it is held.

3.       Music Ministry

          If you have been watching the church worship services on-line, you have seen that a praise band is forming under the leadership of Jason Legg. We are pleased to see the increasing participation and talent of those who are assisting with worship. And believe me, the sound is so much better in the Sanctuary than what you hear on-line!

          Session also knows that some long-time members yearn for the grand old hymns of the church, accompanied by piano and/or organ. We are hoping to offer a regular “old time” hymn sing service, complete with a homily, once we are cleared to gather once again.

4.       Church Building

          The downstairs Hubb received a new coat of paint recently, courtesy of Thrive Kids staff. And, the Board has ordered new, lighted signs to be mounted on the church exterior, facing Glenmore.

5.       Revelation

          Pastor Emery has ambitiously embarked on a lengthy sermon series/bible study of Revelation. He advised that on-line viewership has doubled since he began this series.

6.       Relational Evangelism

          Alan Niebergal is leading a six week Zoom course on sharing the Gospel with friends and acquaintances. It has been informative and well attended so far.

Although we are unable to gather at present, we continue to be united in our love of the Lord and for one another. Please convey any pastoral concerns to your Session Elder, and any prayer requests to


Mike Pohanka

Clerk of Session