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Session Update - April 2023

Some highlights from your Session at work

Clerk of Session

As of January 1, we have a new Clerk of Session. Mike Pohanka has asked to be relieved of his duties as Clerk, and Session agreed so he could better manage his busy schedule. Our new clerk is Ross Bassingthwaighte, who is working hard to get accustomed to the many aspects of this responsibility that Mike has faithfully carried out.

Church Office

Joan Bentley has stepped aside from some of her duties that she has faithfully embraced for so long. She is now carrying out the responsibilities of bookkeeping, and Eva Chan has assumed the role of Administrative Assistant. What a blessing these ladies are to our congregation!


A barbeque is being planned for the church! This will happen on May 28 following the worship service. This will be a great Spring event for everyone.

Leading With Care

Session will be going through the Leading With Care program in May. This is a program and policy to ensure a climate of safety in our church for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Truth and Lies About Being Human

A speaking engagement is in planning stage to have Dr. Iain Provan come to Mountainview and spend a weekend addressing the question, what is a human being? This is an exciting opportunity for our community, not only in Mountainview, but for the wider Christian community in Kelowna.


A podcast is on the near horizon that will work through the general topics surrounding Woke-Free Christianity. Watch for more news on that soon.