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Session Report – September 2023

The Session of Mountainview Church is comprised of the Elders who meet regularly to provide leadership and care for the people who attend our church. In September, the Session met and this is a report to the congregation of some of the prominent matters that were discussed.

Pastor Emery will begin a membership class on September 17, fifteen minutes after the worship service in the Meeting Room. There will be three sessions, on consecutive Sundays, led by Emery Cawsey, Jason Legg, and Ross Bassingthwaighte.

Jason Legg will begin a monthly Friday worship evening, led by him or Christina Wiens. The first worship evening will be on November 3.

Thrive Missional Partnership has a new manager, Mekayla Borst. The annual Thrive Mission Sunday will be on November 19.

The 2023 fund drive, named the Grateful Hearts Appeal will begin on September 17 and end on October 15. The goal is $10,000.00. Giving to the fund will be matched from the Legacy Fund.

Children’s Ministry: The Sunday School plans to divide the children into three groups, by age, beginning in October. More teachers are needed. If God is laying this on your spirit, talk with Jen Choi or Heather Csikos.

Session is working on finding our new Community Outreach Coordinator. This position has been made possible by a grant from our Presbytery. We can thank God for this exciting new adventure and pray that God will send the right person soon.

Christina Wiens has assumed the duties of Office Administrator.

The Cuckoos In Our Nest conference is coming soon. We are excitedly anticipating having Dr. Iain Provan with us on the weekend of October 13—15.

Shelley Sweet submitted her resignation from her active role on Session. The Session accepted her resignation with thanks for her dedicated service and we will miss her in our meetings. Happily, Shelley will continue leading the women’s study group.

Pastor Emery presented an “Authentic Community Proposal” to build and deepen our inherent Christian community. Session embraced the proposal and we will be hearing more about it as it develops. Session agreed that this will fit well into what the Community Outreach Coordinator will be doing.

The ordination of Laura Benty and Jin Choi will take place on October 1, 2023.

These are matters that involve us all and that demand our attentive prayers. Pray for your Session and make your availability known to God in your prayers for your abilities, talents, and gifts to be used in our community.

September 22, 2023

Ross Bassingthwaighte, Clerk of Session