Requirements:Attend Sunday worship services at Mountainview Church (“MvC”) and participate in church community, building relationships with congregants and fellow staff and volunteers.

Develop proficiency in the use of Planning Centre software and Microsoft Office.Display a friendly and welcoming outlook toward others during church office hours.

Attend Leading With Care training and provide clean criminal records and vulnerable persons checks.

Communications Responsibilities:Act as the communications hub for the church by establishing and maintaining clear, accurate and accessible systems of communication (voice, electronic, digital, social media, print) within the church and with external community stakeholders.Social media and website: create ads and events, posts to promote services and events and community outreach; profile MvC life and ministries through posting photos and introductions; create and maintain on-line faith community engagement; respond to on-line questions of an administrative nature.Create and manage digital and paper communication cards and disseminate information received to the appropriate MvC personnel.Create and display church bulletins and newsletters.Distribute information via congregational emails and social media.Assist volunteer roles for worship services and events by creating, promoting and maintaining a sign-up calendar and reminder notifications.Create slides and videos to convey information and announcements during worship services.Create and maintain an accessible list of names and contact information for each person serving in a position of church leadership.Facilitate communications for the church office by receiving physical mail, electronic mail and telephone messages and routing them for action to the proper designated parties within the church.Meet with the Pastor as required to ensure effective interpersonal communication flow.In conjunction with the Roll Clerk, maintain an electronic congregational list of names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails; maintain the Elders’ district lists in electronic format.Respond to church electronic and voice messages in a timely manner.

 Administrative Responsibilities:Order office stationery and office and washroom supplies as required.Maintain church records and filing systems (print based and electronic).Manage office petty cash.Compile and produce the church annual report to members.Assist and support ministry leaders in copying, scanning, printing and faxing information upon request.Data entry as required.

Assistance to the Board of Managers (the “Board”):Create/maintain an on-line building room use calendar.Refer new building rental requests to the Board.Maintain a record of church keyholders and control key issuance at the direction of the Board.Initiate repairs/maintenance for church office equipment in consultation with the Board. 

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